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Sedex Latest Factory Inspection Report

Published by Dailys 2024-03-06

      SEDEX is a non-profit organization headquartered in London, England. Companies anywhere in the world can apply for membership. Many retailers, supermarkets, brands, suppliers and other organizations require the farms, factories and manufacturers they cooperate with to participate in the SEDEX member ethical business audit (SMETA) to ensure that their operations meet the requirements of relevant ethical standards. The audit results can be It is recognized by all SEDEX members and shared by them.

      Sedex certification is actually a social responsibility factory inspection, or a human rights factory inspection. And last week , our Changzhou Dailys , the factory of hygiene products , such as disposable breast pads , disposable underpads, disposable sanitary pads , etc , had passed the latest Sedex inspection. 

      Share you with some pictures on the inspection report :

disposable underpad factory disposable breast pads factory


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