Sanitary Pads

Organic Cotton Day Use Disposable Sanitary Napkins

We have different sizes for this disposable organic cotton sanitary pads . Also support OEM and ODM services .

Product Specification:
  • Item Code : SN-C
  • Length : 155mm/190mm/245mm/290mm/3400mm/420mm
  • Main Material : Organic Cotton
  • Application : Ladies in Period Time
  • Package : 18pcs/bag
  • Color : White
  • MOQ : 25000 Bags
  • Place of Origin :
Product Details
Product Structure

  Organic cotton sanitary napkins are soft and non-irritating.

Cotton surface layer makes them breathable and aerobic. 

 10 times absorption maks the surface more breathable and dry.

The cotton sanitary towel has zero fluorescence agent.  



Q1: Should i wash my hands before using sanitary pads ?

A1: Sure. Because the process of unpacking, opening, smoothing, and pasting the sanitary napkin by hand will bring a large number of germs to the sanitary napkin.


Q2: How to store the sanitary napkins ?

A2: Sanitary napkins after unpacking should be placed in a ventilated and dry place, at least in a clean environment.


Q3: How long is the validity period of sanitary napkins?

A3: Usually the validity period of the sanitary napkins is 3 years . For the biodegradable sanitary pads , the expiry date is just about 18 months.


Q4: How many kinds of materials do we have about disposable sanitary pads ?

A4: We have cotton disposable sanitary pads , anion sanitary napkins, bamboo fiber sanitary napkins , biodegradable disposable menstrual pads and ultra thin 1.0mm sanitary pads .


Q5: What are the normal sizes about the sanitary napkins ?

A5: We have 5 normal sizes about the disposable sanitary napkins . 150mm sanitary pads with no SAP , 180mm mini pads with no wingless , 245mm sanitary napkins for daily use , 290mm night use sanitary pads , overnight female pads with 340mm and 425mm extra long sanitary towel for heavy menstrual blood .


Q6: What is the package of the sanitary napkins ?

A6: We support custom the package . And the normal package for the disposable sanitary pads are bags and boxes.

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