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Disposable Menstrual Pants

Overnight Custom Disposable Period Dnderwear for Girls

This period underwear has a strong absorption and you can have a good dream to wear it on the overnight.

Product Specification:
  • Item Code : SP-HL
  • Size : 650*640mm
  • Usage Time : Overnight
  • Package : 2pcs/bag,26bags/carton
  • Carton Size : 40*38.5*45cm
  • Brand : OEM
Product Details
Product Structure

 360 degree design is suitable for large quantities.

Raw material with zero fluorescence agent is safer. 

 Soft cotton surface layer brings a soft touch.

Breathable bottom membrane to remove the stuffiness. 

 Elastic waist has a strong stretch to soft belly.


Q1: Are the underwear scented?

A1: Our period underwear is not scented, but does have an odor control system that helps prevent odors from forming.


Q2: How often do I need to change my underwear?

A2: If you just use it on the night , one piece is ok. You just can change that when you get up . If you wear them the whole day , it depends on the time when you feel heavy and wet .


Q3: Can I use these for fecal incontinence?

A3: Although protective underwear can provide some protection against minor fecal incontinence, if your condition progresses to include fecal incontinence please consult your physician.


Q4: Do I suppose to wash it before wearing from the package?

A4: These are disposable single use adult diapers. You do not need to wash them before use. 

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