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The difference between disposable underwear and ordinary underwear

Published by Dailys 2024-03-06

Hygienic difference

Disposable underwear must be disinfected in accordance with national safety and health standards before leaving the factory, and the operator’s clothing, masks, shoes and other items must also be disinfected to ensure that the product will not be contaminated during the production process. Therefore, disposable underwear is very safe and hygienic, and you can wear it directly without washing it after you buy it.

The production process of ordinary underwear is similar to that of ordinary clothes. They will not be disinfected before leaving the factory, so the hygiene will be worse. They must be cleaned before they can be worn.



Comfortable difference

The workmanship of disposable breathable underwear is worse than that of ordinary underwear. The fabric is thinner and the elastic band is thinner. It may become loose after wearing for a long time, and some of the poor workmanship may also cause lint.

Ordinary underwear is more particular about the trade union, the fabric used will be better than that of disposable underwear, and it is more comfortable and breathable to wear.



Practical difference

Disposable underwear is a disposable product, and it must be thrown away after wearing it once. It cannot be washed and reused.

The workmanship of ordinary underwear is relatively fine and thick, most of which are made of pure cotton or modal cotton, which can be washed and worn repeatedly.



Price difference

Disposable underwear has to be thrown away once worn, so the price is relatively favorable. At the same time, in order to be more convenient to carry, the packaging of disposable underwear is usually independent and compact.

Ordinary underwear pays more attention to the user experience, so the price is relatively higher, and it supports a variety of packaging methods, usually many strips are put together to save costs.


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