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Compressed Towel

Soft Portable Best Disposable Travel Compressed Towel for Sale

This compressed travelo towel has a large absorption for water and a good helper for travel.

Product Specification:
  • Size : 250*500mm
  • Brand : CosyPresent
  • Product Thickness : 92g/m²
  • Material : 100% Plant Fibres
  • Package : 6pcs/bag
  • Size of the bag : 14*22cm
Product Details
Product Structure

soft dispsoable compressed towel Smooth ef lines brings a new cleaning experience.

Small size can be put into a regular cup. small disposable travel compressed towel

large absorption compressed towel Large absorption to absorb water on the cup.

Individual package is portable for travel . travel dispsoable compressed towel

best disposable compressed towel

compressed towel for sale

disposable compressed towel package

Q1: What kind of compressed towels do you have now ?

A1: Now we have three kinds of compressed towels , one is the common compressed towel , one is compressed facial towel and the another one is compressed bath towel.


Q2: What is the main difference of these three kinds compressed towels?

A2: The main difference of these three kinds towels are in size . The size of the disposable compressed towel is 250*500mm, the size of the facial cleaning towel is 240*300mm and the bath towel has the larger size with 700*1000mm.


Q3:Is the compressed towel a disposable towel?

A3: Compressed towels are generally disposable. They are generally convenient for traveling on business trips. They can be used instead of normal towels. At the same time, because they are compressed, they are compact, so they are easy to carry. Compressed towels are actually used with ordinary towels. The same, but smaller, easier to carry.


Q4: How to use compressed towel?

A4: Place the compressed towel in the water until it is fully inflated. After use, it can also be used as a rag.


Q5: What are features of compressed towels?

A5: Compressed towels are easy to carry, small and exquisite, unique and clean, clean and other characteristics, has become a must-have for people traveling, working on business, compressed towels can also remove people's concerns about the health of the towel. Compress the towel and give it as a gift.


Q6: What are advantages of disposable compressed towels ?

A6: Compressed towel is very compact, it is also very convenient when you use it, and the compressed towel is also sterilized with ultraviolet rays. The outer shell is made of advanced PVC packaging technology, so that the product is not in direct contact with the air. Compressing the towel effectively avoids product contamination. You can use it with confidence.

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