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Disposable Baby Care Products

Cute Waterproof Eating Wholesale Disposable Baby Bibs

The leaky pocket design of disposable baby bibs can catch falling of food debris.

Product Specification:
  • Item Code : DB-B
  • Main Material : non-woven fabric, PE film
  • Size : 240*350mm
  • Designs : Four pictures to choose
  • Package: Bags or boxes :
  • Brand : OEM
Product Details
Product Structure

 Neck adjustment adhesive tape is easy to use.
Small size is easy to fold and carry during travel . 

 The tanget design prevents strandulation.

Widen the edges to strengthen the pocket.  

 Strictly control of each raw material with fluorescent free.

Q1: What is disposable bibs ?

A1: Disposable bibs can keep clothes clean. Oversized to cover chest and lap. Protect shirt and pants from dropped food, spills and splatters, then throw bibs away. Paper front absorbs liquids quickly, plastic waterproof back keeps clothes dry.


Q2: What kind of materials are disposable bibs made of ? 

A2: These disposable bibs are commonly made of two materials, paper and plastic. The paper part of it is the soft tissue like part whose main function is to absorb liquids that may spill on it. The same material plastic bags are made of. This material in the disposable bib gives it its waterproof ability. It is the part of the bib that prevents any liquid substance from transferring to the client’s clothes.


Q3: What the normal type of disposable bibs ?

A3: There are the slip-on bibs, which as the name suggests you just slip it on. And there are also those that have ties which are to be tied behind the user’s neck to secure it in position.


Q4: Are bibs safe for newborns?

A4: Bibs pose a suffocation risk for newborns which means you must exercise caution while using them. Your newborn should never sleep in a bib. When they have one on while awake keep an eye on them to avoid it covering their faces.


Q5: Do babies wear bibs while breastfeeding?

A5: Babies do need bibs while breastfeeding because babies are messy and they can spit up any time without notice. This will save you cloth changes and on laundry.


Q6: When do babies stop wearing bibs?

A6: This one will highly depend on individual babies but typically when they are 2 years of age. And if you have a messy eater in your hands they might need to wear bibs till they are 5 years of age. It’s no shame though because even as adults we use table clothes on our laps to catch any strays.

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