Disposable Nursing Pads

Manufacture Breathable Thin Maternity Breast Nursing Pads

This flower diversion disposable breast pads have four colors to choose and it is very thin and breathable.

Product Specification:
  • Item Code : RDB130D
  • Thickness : 0.7mm/1.4mm
  • Absorption : 100ml
  • Shape : Octagon shape
  • Weight : 2.8±0.5g/3±0.5g
  • Color : white , pink, nude or black
Product Details
Product Structure

 Flower diversion makes it not easy to leak.

Soft surface layer is friendly to sensitive skin. 

Multi colors give more choices for customers. 

Individual package is easy to bring them out with you . 

Q1: What are maternity nursing pads?

A1: A maternity nursing pad is a protective pad (made of cloth or composite material) that is placed between your bra and your nipple to protect your clothing from milk leakage. 


Q2:What are the types of nursing pads?

A2:The nursing pads can be divided into five different kinds . First one is disposable nursing pads, the second one is reusable nursing pads, the third one is silicone nursing pads,the forth one is  hydrogen pads and the last one is homemade nursing pads


Q3: How often should I change the disposable nursing pads?

A3: When the disposable breast pads get wet, they hide a huge risk of causing nipple irritation or even infection. So change your pads the moment they get wet, and don’t forget to buy plenty of them!


Q4: How many nursing pads should I buy?

A4: If you have heavily leaking, you will need to change your pads at least 5 times a day. Basically, the more you leak the more nursing pads you will need. That is why you should really think about whether you want disposable or reusable pads.


Q5: Should I wear nursing pads during the whole day?

A5: If you are leaking heavily, you will have to wear nursing pads during the whole day and also at night since milk let down increases during that period. Wearing breast pads ensures you won’t ruin your clothing and bedding.


Q6:what are benefits of nursing pads for breastfeeding moms?

A6: 1. Soaks Milk Leakage. The primary use of breast pads is to soak up milk leakage and protect your outer-wear and avoid the embarrassment of wet-spots. 2. Refines Appearance.While lactating, your breasts can become tender and lose firmness. Some breast pads may provide additional support and improve appearance by holding your breasts in place. 3. Soothes Tenderness.Breastfeeding causes nipples to become tender. Pads provide a soft medium between your nipples and bra and prevent rubbing on the bra.

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