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Can I use breast pads that have expired?

Published by Dailys 2024-03-06

Breathable breast feeding pads are used by breastfeeding mothers, and breast-feeding is a special period for women. Pay attention to hygiene and cleaning, otherwise it will easily lead to the possibility of bacterial growth, so anti-spill pads can be used after expiration. 



Can I use breast pads that have expired?

If the anti-spill pad has expired, it is best not to use it to prevent breast milk. The expired anti-spill pad has health and safety risks, which will breed some harmful bacteria. If this is contaminated on the nipple, it will be eaten by the baby when he drinks breast milk. It is likely to cause allergies or diarrhea in the baby.



Furthermore, if the nipples of breastfeeding mothers have broken skin, when using expired anti-spill pads, it is easy to become inflamed due to bacterial infection, which will directly affect breastfeeding. Pregnant mothers have to wait until the inflammation improves. to continue breastfeeding!



Therefore, if the anti-spill pad has expired, it should not be used for anti-spill.

1. It can be used as an insole to absorb sweat

Some are sweaty feet. As long as it is a little hot, it is easy to sweat, and there is also the problem of foot odor. If mothers who have expired breast pads have such troubles, they can use the expired breast pads as insoles. The sweat-absorbing function is definitely good, and it does not need to be cleaned. Just throw it away when it is dirty, and it is considered waste.

2. Homemade ice compress

Expired breast pads are not suitable for use on nipples, but they can still be used as ice compresses. Wet the breast pads with water in advance, put them in the refrigerator, and use them when needed. For example, it can be used around the eyes and lips, as well as some areas with fragile and sensitive skin.

3. Put it in the refrigerator as a deodorant bag

Open the expired anti-milk pad and place it on each layer of the refrigerator compartment. The tiny holes on the anti-milk pad can absorb the odor in the refrigerator.

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