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Do you know main features of our disposable baby bibs ?

Published by Dailys 2023-03-01

When taking the baby out to play, in addition to being afraid of holding the baby, everyone is also afraid that when the baby is eating out, his clothes, dining table and floor will be soiled, which will leave a bad impression. In order to avoid this from happening, I recommend one of our disposable baby bibs for everyone. It is disposable. After use, there is no need to clean it. It can be thrown into the trash can. It is not only clean and hygienic, but also easy to use. More importantly, it helps us solve the problem of baby eating and soiling clothes, floors, and dining tables.

The material is healthy and harmless

This disposable bib is made of materials that meet the national Class A standards. It has no harmful health ingredients such as formaldehyde and fluorescent agents, and will not cause harm to the baby's health.



Multi-layer protection, good anti-fouling and water absorption performance

We all know that stains are extremely permeable, and our bib is extremely protective because it is made of three different materials bonded together. Its base layer is made of skin-friendly non-woven fabric, which has good hygroscopicity; its inner layer is PE film water-permeable and waterproof material; its innermost layer is a polymer fast-absorbing surface layer, which plays the role of Reinforced waterproof.



Intimate design, strong practicality

This disposable bib is designed with a food interception pocket on the front. It can catch the food that the baby does not hold firmly, as well as the food that has not been spit out. Dining chairs and dining tables are always kept clean, and it also relieves us from the hassle of cleaning floors.



Easy to put on and take off, adjustable elastic

The wearing and taking off of this disposable bib is fixed by velcro bonding. When using it, put it on the baby, and then adjust its comfort according to the size of the baby's neck. The sticker is peeled off, and the two sides are tightly glued together; it is even easier to disassemble, just pull the Velcro off, wrap it from the inside to the outside, avoid the leakage of stains, and then throw it away.



Individually packaged, easy to carry

Its independent packaging design can be used repeatedly, without causing secondary pollution to the useless bib inside; there is no need to worry about finding something to hold it when taking it out.


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