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How should postpartum mothers choose postpartum disposable underwear?

Published by Dailys 2024-03-06

①The choice of packaging must be individually packaged!

It is necessary to choose disposable underwear with good antibacterial properties and light white cotton bottom crotch, because the body of postpartum mothers is relatively fragile. If you do not pay attention to the hygiene of private parts, it is easy to breed bacteria, which will cause gynecological diseases; coupled with postpartum secretions There are many things, and the bottom crotch of pure cotton light white underwear is more convenient for postpartum mothers to observe the secretion situation. If there is anything wrong, you should go to the hospital in time; there is also whether the packaging is vacuum and independent packaging, so as to avoid long-term disposable underwear. Contact with air leads to the growth of bacteria.



②The fabric must be comfortable and breathable!

Underpants are close-fitting clothing, and they need to choose soft, skin-friendly, and breathable fabrics. Just because they are disposable underwear, the standard should not be lowered. Besides, the products used by postpartum mothers should be of better quality. It is recommended that you choose 100% cotton disposable underwear, this material will be more comfortable and breathable.



③Choose disposable panties with high elastic elastics!

Postpartum mothers need a period of recovery and adaptation in the postpartum abdomen. Underwear should not be worn tight. It is recommended to choose high-elasticity without strangulation, and do not choose too loose. , so that it will not cause a burden to the postpartum mother.



④Choose the disposable panties with fine workmanship!

Postpartum mothers still need confinement after giving birth. During the confinement period, postpartum mothers’ bodies cannot tolerate any mistakes. Therefore, it is recommended that postpartum mothers should control every detail when choosing disposable underwear to see if there is any odor, thread, loose Problems such as pilling, thickness and line breakage.



⑤Choose the most cost-effective disposable underwear!

We cannot ignore our cost-effectiveness. Although quality is very important, so is cost-effectiveness; after all, disposable underwear is a consumable item, so you can't buy it because it is of good quality, so that postpartum mothers' wallets will also be overloaded. Cost-effective and quality must be both high-quality disposable underwear!


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