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How to choose a disposable breast pad?

Published by Dailys 2023-03-01

The breast is the most sensitive part of mothers. When the milk overflows, if there is no breast pad, the milk will penetrate into the bra. In a humid environment, bacteria are easy to breed, which will affect the health of mothers, and it is more important for immunity. Bad babies are even worse. Disposable breast pads are disposable breast pads. Open the package, tear off the sticker, and stick to the underwear. It can not only absorb the overflowing milk, but also keep the bra clean. When the breast pad is full of milk, you can take it off and throw it away. Drop, convenient and quick.



Disposable breast pads are softer and more fitting, ultra-thin and light, with moderate adhesive force, not easy to deform and fall off, and not difficult to remove. They can quickly absorb spilled breast milk and skin moisture, thus protecting the dry and clean skin of mother's nipples.



Disposable breast pads, single-piece hygienic packaging, easy to carry when going out.



The existence of anti-galactorrhea pads is not only to solve the troubles and embarrassment of mothers' lactation, but also to ensure that the breasts are clean and hygienic, so that the baby can be safe and hygienic when sucking. Then mothers should pay attention to the quality of the product when choosing. How to choose a disposable breast pad?

1. Safety and health are the first. Our breast pads are produced in a dust-free workshop. All personnel who enter the workshop will wear professional work clothes before entering the workshop. At the same time, the whole body will be dedusted to ensure that no pollutants will be brought into the workshop.

2. Choose a breast pad with strong water absorption. The most important function of anti-galactorrhea pads is to absorb excess milk, so as to keep the breasts dry. Good anti-galactorrhea pads use high-efficiency water-locking factors, which can easily absorb milk and prevent back seepage. Virgin wood pulp is soft and comfortable, keeping you dry without irritating your breasts. Our water-locking polymers and soft wood pulp are imported from abroad. The super water-locking ability makes our breast pads more absorbent. At the same time, the weight of our polymer and wood pulp can be adjusted according to the needs of customers.

3. Choose breast pads with three-dimensional design. It can effectively prevent side leakage, it is not easy to deform after washing, and it is better to gently exhale the breasts. Our breast pads not only have a three-dimensional design, but also have elastic bands to better fit the breasts. According to different customer needs, we have a variety of different styles of disposable breast pads.

4. Choose a breast pad with a non-slip double-stick design. Effectively prevent breast pads from shifting and falling off. All of our disposable breast pads have an extra-long, high-adhesive adhesive back design that can stick firmly to clothes.

5. For mothers with severe breast milk overflow, ordinary thin breast pads will get soaked in a short time. At this time, you can choose a disposable breast pad that is slightly thicker and has better absorption capacity.

6. Choose an independent packaging method, which is convenient and hygienic when going out. All of our disposable nursing pads are individually wrapped, clean and convenient.

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