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What kind of sanitary napkins should pregnant women use after giving birth?

Published by Dailys 2023-03-01

Many friends say that after giving birth, menstruation has not yet occurred, so there is no need to use sanitary napkins, but in fact they are still needed, because menstruation will resume after a while, so what kind of sanitary napkins do you generally choose after giving birth? How about it?

It is best to use special maternity sanitary napkins. Maternal sanitary napkins are specially developed for the sensitive period of maternal skin. Lochia from the vagina has its particularity and necessity. Generally speaking, maternal sanitary napkins are one of the necessary supplies for pregnant women before and after childbirth, so pregnant women need to pay special attention to their own supplies.



Because the postpartum skin is in a highly sensitive period, the open uterus, lateral incision wounds, and a large amount of lochia are all opportunities for bacteria to take advantage of. If improper care is taken, infections can easily occur, leaving various gynecological diseases and affecting the health of the mother throughout her life. The special sanitary napkin for maternity is specially designed and developed for women in special period after giving birth, which can relieve the pain of maternity and is safe and comfortable.

When using puerperal sanitary napkins, the puerpera should change the puerperal sanitary napkins frequently so that the genitals can continue to be kept dry and tidy to prevent bacteria from growing continuously. Since the body immunity of the puerpera is reduced after delivery, the resistance to external germs is reduced, so special attention should be paid to using clean puerperal sanitary napkins.


There are two main types of puerperal sanitary napkins in our company. One is the puerperal sanitary napkin with cotton surface. This kind of sanitary napkin is softer and more friendly to sensitive skin, and it is more breathable and comfortable to use. The other type is a metering sanitary napkin, which is more popular with customers, because this kind of sanitary napkin can effectively measure the elimination of lochia, which can be used by doctors and customers to judge postpartum recovery.

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