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Precautions for using disposable toilet seat

Published by Dailys 2024-03-06

I believe that everyone is no stranger to disposable toilet seats. Many hotels and guesthouses are equipped with disposable toilet seat cover mat. This is a very common sanitary product. Usually after women give birth, in order to be more hygienic, disposable toilet mats are also used. So, what are the precautions for using disposable toilet mats?



Disposable toilet seat mats are disposable items, so they cannot be reused. The inner side of some disposable toilet mats will have a water-proof layer that prevents water from splashing around. You should see it clearly when using it, and don’t tear it off by mistake, otherwise it will not be able to prevent water from splashing around.



When using a disposable toilet seat, first take out the toilet seat paper from the bag, unfold it and break off the left, right and front nodes. Then spread it flat on the seat washer so that the paper tongue in the middle hangs down naturally. It can be flushed away after using the toilet, because the toilet seat paper can melt in the water, so it will not cause clogging.



Disposable toilet mats are very suitable for pregnant women, because women are relatively weak postpartum, so they are prone to infection, and using disposable toilet mats can reduce the chances of pregnant women being exposed to germs. Now there are many public places such as hotels, hospitals, beauty salons, and office buildings, which will be equipped with disposable toilet seats, which can prevent the infection of diseases due to sharing toilets.



Regarding the disposable toilet seat, our company has 4 different styles in total. One is a single-ply flushable toilet seat, which is simply made of thicker wood pulp and can be flushed into the toilet with waste. There is also an ordinary conventional toilet seat. The size of this toilet seat is 45*39cm, which can be applied to different types of toilets. There are fixed stickers on the four corners of this toilet seat, which can be firmly stuck to the toilet when in use. The third type is a slightly longer toilet seat, the size is 40*60cm, this type uses double-layer material, toilet paper plus waterproof PE film. At the same time, the surface material has a non-slip embossed design, which can increase the friction with the toilet seat. The last toilet seat can be used by both children and adults. The ultra-long 62*64cm design can well isolate the bacteria between the user and the toilet. The independent packaging design is safe and clean, and it is convenient to carry around. If you are interested in our products, welcome to contact us.

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