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Difference between washable breast pads and disposable breast pads

Published by Dailys 2024-03-06

Nursing pads are an essential item to prevent the embarrassment of leaking breast milk while breastfeeding, absorbing and locking in breast milk to keep your bra dry. As a Changzhou Dailys factory specializing in serving mother and baby customers, we have a variety of different types of breast pads. But overall, breast pads can be roughly divided into washable breast pads and disposable breast pads. So what is the difference between disposable breast pads and washable breast pads?



Washable breast pads. This type of breast pads is more economical and environmentally friendly. As long as they are replaced and cleaned in time, mothers in need only need to buy a few breast pads for replacement and washing. In terms of fabrics, it is best to choose pure cotton fabrics with strong water absorption, safety and comfort to keep the breasts dry and prevent nipple pain caused by wet skin. It is important to pay attention to cleaning. After giving birth, mothers sweat a lot, so they must be changed frequently. After cleaning, it should be exposed to the sun to achieve the effect of sterilization. All in all, the advantages of washable breast pads can be drawn: they are generally made of natural fabrics, comfortable and close-fitting, highly breathable, can be used many times, and are economical. When choosing an anti-galactorrhea pad, it is best to choose cotton, which can prevent skin allergies or nipple irritation and infection. Disadvantages: It needs to be cleaned in time, the milk stains cannot be cleaned thoroughly, and it will turn yellow after repeated cleaning, and it feels peculiar smell.



Disposable breast pads. This type of breastfeeding pad is especially suitable for mothers with a lot of breastfeeding! Large suction volume, comfortable use, and high cost performance! It is really affordable for breastfeeding mothers! When using it, take out the breastfeeding pad, tear off the non-slip sticker, and put it on The anti-spill breast pads are placed on the bra and glued to the bottom to prevent slipping. When it is too hot in summer, mothers use washable ones, and they will get wet with sweat after a while. They have to be washed, but they are not easy to dry. They are dry at one time and save trouble. Check the situation of milk leakage. If it is not serious, you can wash it once a day. right. Therefore, the advantages of disposable breast pads: light and small, with glue on the back for a fixed position, single-piece hygienic packaging, easy to use and carry, one-time use, no need to clean. Disadvantages: It is replaced several times a day, and the cost of use is relatively high. Moms with sensitive skin can be allergic to certain materials.



Both types of breast pads have their own advantages and disadvantages. Mothers can choose breast pads according to their own needs and conditions. For breastfeeding mothers who need to go out to work or breastfeeding mothers with excessive lactation, disposable breast pads may be more convenient. For breastfeeding mothers who stay at home for a long time, washable nursing pads may be more practical.

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