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Disposable Cotton Swabs

Free Sample Disposable Cotton Swab with Wooden Stick

There have three kinds of sticks for you to choose, bamboo, paper and plastic.

Product Specification:
  • Diameter : 4.5-5mm
  • Length : 75-76mm
  • Brand : OEM
  • Main Material : Cotton
  • Stick : bamboo/paper/pastic
  • Package : Customized
Product Details
Product Structure

 Strong wooden stick is hard to cut off.

Multi stick materials to choose. 

 Various shape of swab heads to meet different needs.

Large and fast absorption for liquids. 

Q1: What are your disposable cotton swabs made of ?

A1: Our cotton swabs are made with 100% pure cotton (non-sterile)- all natural materials.


Q2: What are cotton swabs supposed to be used for?

A2: They are most commonly used for cleaning the ear canal by removing earwax and dirt, although this use is not recommended by physicians. Other uses for cotton swabs include first aid, cleaning, applying cosmetics, and crafts.


Q3: How long can i keep my cotton swabs and what is the best way to store them ?

A3: We suggest storing your disposable cotton swabs in a cool, dry place away from dampness and humidity. When stored properly, your products should last for many years.


Q4: Are your cotton swabs available with wooden sticks?

A4: Sure . The normal sticks is paper , but we also support with wooden and plastic sticks.


Q5: Can i order cotton swabs with just one head?

A5: The normal cotton swabs are double cotton heads . If you want them just in one single head, it is support. By the way , we have different shapes of heads for you to choose , such as spiral head, pointed head, etc.


Q6: What kind of package do you have about cotton swabs ?

A6: We have boxes and bags for the cotton swabs. And we also support ODM if you have particular requests. 

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