Disposable Underwear

Nonwoven Adult Plus Size Print Travel Underwear

The crotch of this nonwoven underwear has 2 layers to bring soft and breathable feeling to customers.

Product Specification:
  • Item Code : DU-N02
  • Sizes : XL, XXL,XXXL
  • Brand : OEM
  • Weight : 9g
  • Package : 1pcs/bag
  • Color : Customized
Product Details
Product Structure

 High elastic wasit to fit the body well.

Two layers in the crotch to bring soft. 

 Printed nonwoven fabric makes it fashion.

Individal package is hygiene and portable . 

 Multi colors for customers to choose.



A1: What is the material of the disposable underwear made from ?

Q1:The normal materials of these disposable underwear are cotton and non-woven. We also support ODM if you have special requests.


A2: Is disposable underwear ugly?

Q2: No, it has a very practical fitted appearance and different sizes for you to choose . So you can choose the suitable size to fit your body very well.


A3: Does the disposable underwear have a liner?

Q3: No, it doesn't but there is nothing to stop you using it with a pad.


A4: Can elderly people use the disposable underwear?

Q4: Yes elderly people can use the disposable underwear, although it is not incontinence wear.


A5: Is the disposable underwear available for kids/children?

Q5: There is no specific underwear for youth's but older boys and girls might be able to use the smaller men and ladies sizes.


Q6: Do I suppose to wash it before wearing from the package?

A6: It is better to wash them before wearing .

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