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Disposable flushable toilet seat

Published by Dailys 2023-03-01

Recently, many people have asked, is it necessary to buy a disposable toilet seat? Many mothers-to-be are pregnant for the first time, so life during pregnancy is not only a process full of wonderful excitement, but also a mixed experience of being overwhelmed and confused . After the puerpera gives birth in the hospital, whether it is a natural delivery or a caesarean section, she has to stay in the hospital for a period of time, and the toilets in the hospital are public toilets, so germs cannot be avoided, so the use of disposable toilet mats can play a role in sterilization and prevent postpartum. Infect. Leaving aside pregnancy, toilet mats are necessary even in normal times. Everyone knows that putting toilet mats on the toilet can take care of our bodies. Disposable toilet seat pads are specially provided for people who are on business trips, tourism, etc., and can effectively avoid bacterial infection when using the toilet in public toilets.

With the development of science and technology, people's awareness of environmental protection is getting stronger and stronger. At the same time, disposable toilet mats play an important role when we go to public toilets or stay in hotels. Considering these two factors, Changzhou Dailys recently developed a flushable toilet seat, which can be directly dissolved in water after use, which can protect the environment very well. Here are some features of this toilet seat:

  1.  Environmental friendly and flushable

Toilet seat covers are made of pure and thicker wood pulp and can be flushed directly into the toilet along with the waste.



  1.  Full coverage with great protection

Large size with full coverage to provide a layer of protection barrier to avoid direct contact to public restroom for a hygienic and safe bathroom experience.



  1. Portable with easy to use 

Pull one travel toilet paper from the bag, unfold and detach the joints and place it on the toilet seat, then flush down the disposable toilet seat cover after use.



  1. Gentle on skin and convenient disposal

Flushable toilet seat covers to protect your skin from direct seat contact and be flushed without the user having to touch or adjust the toilet seat protectors.



  1.  Widely used for public application

Widely used for many public occasions: home use, shopping mall, hospital, station, office or hotel, life can be much easier wherever you go.

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